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Introducing the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM)

Figuring that they stand a better chance at being heard if they are united, 125 American indie labels have united and formed an organization called the American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) according to CNET. According to the article "they’re hoping to help give indie businesses the power their collective market share deserves as the music business is transformed by digital technologies" much like their European counterparts in the Association of Independent Music. A good move in my book. "United we stand, divided we fall" and all those other cliches aside, this is the time for indies to stake their claim to the new realities of the marketplace and hopefully they will thrive while the majors atrophy. At least that’s how I would like to see it!

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Indie Labels Form New Trade Group

The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM) was formed last week by a group of 125 independent record labels to give them more leverage with the four major music labels, John Borland reported. CEO of TVT Records and member of…

Hello people I´m Marcos Nobre from Brazil, and I have a hard rock band called ELLEVAN we are an independent band from bRAZIL whose sing in English, inflenced by groups like: metallica, guns´n´roses, Mr. big, bon jovi, and many others, we have a web site:
there you can listen our songs freely just click on the title of the musics and know more about us and our history because our web site is in English too.
I would like to know if there is some possibilities to be a member of anyone music stamp/seal because we woud like to be more known and show our songs to many differents parts of the world.
Please send me an e-mail to tell me what really you thought about the songs ok? I´ll be waitting.

The ELLEVAN band signed with Seven Music/Universal Music.
Hello people, It’s me again Marcos Nobre, i’d like to say that my band called ellevan signed with Universal music form Brazil the seal is seven music/ Universal Music, we have some songs in our web site if you wanna know our songs.

I wanna congrat you all that are givin us the support ok? Bye .

Ellevan signs with record label

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