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Introducing The Mod-est Lads

I consider myself to be somewhat knowledgeable on the subject of rock and roll history but even I was shocked when a CD landed in my mailbox featuring 5 songs from an obscure, little known band that in hindsight could have been, should have been “the next big thing” to emerge out of England in the ‘60s. Clecky Davis was a self-taught record producer whose genius was obscured by the fact that nobody had ever heard some of his greatest work. Based out of Bladderpool, England Davis produced a band that even today could shake the foundations of rock and roll and consign many of the bands we love to the dustbin of rock and roll history such was their sheer rock and roll brilliance. Their names were Peter, Reggie, Stu and Simon and the name of their band was…. The Mod-est Lads. Listening to The Lads these days is an experience best enjoyed with a bunch of friends interested in shaking their hips to the “Bladderpool Beat” as the music The Lads pour our is impossible to sit still to. From the incredibly catchy and hook-laden “Sputnik Spy from Outer Space” to a song that will make you forget about “Lola” called “She Said Bi…” The Mod-est Lads are a sadly forgotten piece of rock and roll history. Go to the website run by a mysterious benefactor of The Lads and experience your own “Trouser Load of Love.” A truly delicious helping of rock and roll history that just gets better with age, The Mod-est Lads were the real deal. We never knew what happened to The Lads over time but thank God this CD exists in these dark and dangerous times, shining a brilliant rock and roll light on all things “Mod-est.” Great stuff.