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Is Radio Still Relevant?

Is radio still relevant? That’s the question posed by Who Needs Radio Anymore? over at MSNBC. I personally feel that if the whole object is to “create” the next Kelly Clarkson then I suppose radio is not relevant to me. On the other hand, as I have been documenting on The Rock and Roll Report there is plenty of cool radio out there that is certainly relevant to a lot of people. Granted we might only be a niche but with the technology today, somebody can broadcast nothing but polka music globally and they would probably find an audience willing to listen. Radio will never be as powerful as it was but then again, 10 years ago I couldn’t listen to a station like WFMU on my computer. I’ll take that over American Idol anyday.

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I was in a bar last night watching hoops, and the annoying bartender actually had the radio on, and was singing along to many of the songs. It was the fucking worst. In the almost two years I’ve lived in New York, I’ve never listended to the radio. Why bother? I listen to KEXP on the Internet, and I like to tune into stations around the world on my computer at home, but broadcast radio? No way. I mean, I had to hear the new Three Doors Down single last night. That should keep me away from radio for another three or four years.

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