Isaac Miracles’ Debut, ‘Desire’, Presents “Positive Values That People From All Different Backgrounds Can Bond Around”

l_9014f791c08643e2af7d4e78967f2f8fLittle did I know how much would come out of going to see a Matisyahu show in Memphis, TN this summer. Not only did I see a great performance by the Jewish Reggae-Rap-Rock artist, but I was also introduced to the incredibly talented lyrical and Rap-Rock musings of Nosson Zand (whom I featured on The Rock and Roll Report recently). Out of my dealings with Nosson I was then soon introduced to another standout Hip-Hop-Pop-Rock fusion artist by the name of Isaac Miracles.

If you are open to the influence and sounds of West Coast Hip-Hop on Rock music nowadays, then this is one artist that you absolutely must listen to. Like Matisyahu and Nosson Zand, Isaac Miracles is of the Jewish faith and, like the previously mentioned artists, he possesses musical and lyrical abilities of the highest caliber. The music of Isaac Miracles stands out as an extremely smart and unique representation of a fusion of genres, namely Pop, Rock and Hip-Hop.

Isaac recently released his debut album, Desire, filled with catchy songs presented with an unbelievably professional sounding production. Desire is truly an enjoyable listen from the first track to the last.

The Rock and Roll Report had a chance to catch up with Isaac and talk about the making of Desire and learn more about him as an artist.

Q: Isaac, how and when did you get involved in the music business?

A: Well, it’s kind of funny really. I never had this big plan to become a music star or anything like that. It actually kind of evolved over the past seven years as I became more observant of my Jewish faith. I was personally feeling some conflict between some of the music I was listening to and some of the values that I was increasingly holding up as important in my faith. I wanted something to listen to that was a little bit more positive in nature.
As I shared about that with some members of my faith community, some of them felt that I had some musical talent and encouraged me to make some music myself.  Feeling that I might have some talent I gave it a shot and received very positive feedback from members of my community. One of them, after hearing some of the music I had made, absolutely loved it and agreed to invest in the making of the album, Desire.

Q: I was personally pleasantly surprised by the accessibility of the album, as well as the professional sounding production…

A: Thank you very much! We did get a lot of assistance from a highly respected music producer here in Montreal.

Q: How were you able to get such talented production help?

A: Well, it all goes back to the members of my faith community and the willingness of this one member of my community to invest in the project. She heard one of the songs on the album Emunato, and fell in love with it instantly. She really believed this could be something big and something that should be heard.


Q: I was going to ask you specifically about the song ‘Emunato’. To me it is a fascinating track with an almost Flamenco sounding guitar…

A: Again, thank you very much! It is flamenco guitar and it is played by Ofer Biton who plays a lot on the album. The chorus is sung by Jordan Chaviv who is also featured on a number of tracks.

Q: How did that track come about?

A: Well, it’s very interesting actually. It was almost a magical moment. I had the melody for Emunato and I walked into the studio and heard Ofer playing this catchy flamenco guitar piece and I thought; “We’ve got to do something with this!” So we got to recording it quickly and we recorded that song in one take.

Q: Do you feel your music is predominantly for Jewish audiences or is it for the general public?

A: No, no! It is not only for Jewish audiences. It is very definitely for everyone who enjoys Hip-Hop, Pop and Rock. My Jewish faith inspires my music, but the album is one that focuses on positive values that people from all different backgrounds can bond around. I think every artist draws on some type of inspiration and mine happens to be my faith.  But no, listeners from all backgrounds and/or faiths should be able to enjoy this.  Remember, when I got started on this project I did it because I wanted something more positive to listen to and I think that many people would like to listen to music with the same sort of positive values that, I think, inspire the music on my album.

Q: How can people get a hold of Desire?

is now available on iTunes and in some stores. We have the album available via download as well as hard copies, so to speak, which people can buy from my website.

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