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Israel Rocks!

Once again I am amazed at how pockets of rock and roll exist all around the world. I have written about rock and roll in Israel before but the site to check out for all your English-language Israeli rock and roll needs has got to be Zion B’ayin. Not only does Harry, the guru behind Zion B’ayin publish a fine Israeli rock and roll music blog but he also produces an accompanying podacst! Dedicated to indie, alternative and underground music in Israel, the site and podcast have a great rock and roll attitude coupled with a genuine love of music that together make it a blast to read and listen to. One of Harry’s current faves is a band called the Genders whom he describes as “an amalgamation of the sleaziest Rolling Stones songs and the VU singing about the situation in the Middle East. They are tongue in cheek and good fun but pack a wallop.” On top of that his site has a demo of a new track from Rockfour, an Israeli band off of Rainbow Quartz Records that I have raved about in the past. For somebody like me who can’t speak Hebrew, sites like Zion B’ayin are a gold mine of rock and roll info on a scene that I am just starting to learn about. Highly recommended for fans of rock and roll that are looking to stretch their boundaries a little bit, something that has paid off in spades for me since I started this site. The amount of great music created in places outside of North America and Europe continues to astound me. This alone has made writing this blog (and hopefully broadcasting some of this stuff on the radio soon!) so much fun. If you are part of a local scene that you think deserves better recognition, the tools are out there for you to let the world know all about it. And don’t forget to e-mail me your link!