It was one year ago today!

Well it was one year ago today that I started The Rock and Roll Report and it has definitely been an amazing experience. My goals behind creating this site remain the same as one year ago: to identify and highlight those cool rock and roll record labels, radio stations, bands, magazines and websites that keep the rock and roll fires burning bright and hot. Everytime I hear a cool band that I had never heard before or read a cool magazine or website I had never read before my reaction is always the same, get it on The Rock and Roll Report and spread the word and hopefully somebody out there will get the same smile on their face that I had. I will also continue to write about some of the great books, films and rock and roll events that make this such a vibrant art form. With a 50 year history and counting, rock and roll is still going strong, no matter what you might hear or read elsewhere.
As I start year two there are a bunch of things I would like to do to improve The Rock and Roll Report. The first is to expand the continuously updated news feeds so that I can spend less time posting the music news that others do so much better. I would like the music news to be a nice combination of the mainstream and the not-so-mainstream.
I would also like to expand on my “Now This is Rock and Roll!” feature to highlight more bands that I think are deserving of more recognition as they blaze their rock and roll trail from stage to stage. I will try and add more band details as well as the requisite MP3 downloads since music always speaks louder than words. I will also try and tie this all in to the “Listening Post” so you can hopefully buy the CD of the current band I am raving about.
Finally I would like to get more people involved in writing at The Rock and Roll Report. I have been lucky enough to have some great contributors in Wayne and Christian and the more the merrier since there is so much great music out there I can’t possibly keep up with even a fraction of it. Record reviews and band spotlights are a particular area of need but I will accept any contributions as long as it has something to do with Rock and Roll (and let’s face it you can almost make anything fall under that standard)!
As I look forward to the next year I am planning on a complete graphical overhaul (any help would be appreciated) as well as moving to a new software hosting platform. Eventually, I hope that a real community will help sustain both The Rock and Roll Report and the music we write about. I know it is a cliche, especially in this day and age to write about the “power of rock and roll” but you know as well as I that when you are listening to that certain CD or you are at that certain concert and everything just seems to come together perfectly, there is no other music that can put a smile on your face like great rock and roll can. Rock and roll reflects the world around us both for the good and the bad but it also has the power to transform that very same world one note at a time. Sometimes it might get lost in the white noise of the media but there will always be, somewhere out there, a bunch of friends strapping on guitars and adjusting drum sets ready to take on the world in the name of rock and roll and I thank them for it every day.
Thanks for reading and supporting The Rock and Roll Report. Thanks to everybody who has written a post or dropped a comment and thanks especially to my wife for putting up with this crazy blog thing. Here is to another year of great rock and roll, great friends and a lot of laughs. That’s what life should be all about. I’ll be back tomorrow to continue the rock and roll fun and adventure. Until then take care.