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Jägermeister Reigns Friday the 13th with Events Across Canada


News Release: Jägermeister Canada Unveils More Details About Upcoming Friday the 13th Events Across Canada

Traditionally, Friday the 13th is a day for bad luck, tomfoolery, and knocking back a few drinks (it’s still a Friday, after all). Jägermeister wasn’t satisfied with these interpretations of what is, if nothing else, a pretty significant date on your calendar. That’s why we’ve gotten the greatest drinkers and thinkers from Jägermeister and Rue Morgue Magazine to put their heads together and reinvent this largely underrated holiday. Beginning April 13th, 2012, the world’s 8th leading spirit Jägermeister will launch the Friday the 13th: the party to end all parties!

Taking place simultaneously in 8 different markets across Canada: Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto, London, Montreal and Quebec City, those brave souls willing to thumb their nose at bad luck and come to the Friday the 13th event will experience one of the most memorable parties ever. From sword swallowing, to burlesque dancers, and a live performance from So Sick Social Club, each city has its own badass surprise in store for you. And that’s not even all we’ve got planned! Didn’t we tell you this party was going to be HUGE?!

Where will Jägermeister descend onto your city, you ask? We’re pleased to finally announce the location of the Friday the 13th party in each of the 8 stops. With Jägermeister in charge of your Friday the 13th, the only unlucky part will be missing out on the PARTY.

Vancouver – Caprice (967 Granville St.)

Victoria – Boutique (1318 Broad St.)

Calgary – The Back Alley Nightclub (4630 Macleod Trail S.)

Edmonton – The Ranch Roadhouse (6107-104 St.)

Toronto – Grace O’Malley’s (14 Duncan St.)

London – Jim Bob’s (595 Richmond St.)

Montreal – Cafe Chaos (2031 rue St-Denis)

Quebec City – Scanner (291 St Vallier Est, Local 001)

About Jägermeister: Jägermeister, which translates to “master hunter,” is one of the top shot brands in the world and is sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. The liqueur is based on a secret recipe of 56 herbs, blossoms, roots and fruits from around the world. Jägermeister, with the distinctive square bottle, was developed in 1934 in Germany. The brand quickly gained global fame through its innovative marketing, unique taste profile and its association with good times. Jägermeister, which is dedicated to music not underage drinking, is proud to be part of the music scene and an active supporter of up-and-coming musicians worldwide.


WATCH Jägermeister’s Friday the 13th teaser video: