Jon Asher’s Top 10 Albums of 2010

(1) Baroness – Blue Record – This album is my top fave of the year because of the trip it takes you on. It’s one of those albums that requires you to sit back, relax and enjoy every moment of its musical awesomeness!

(2) Orchids Curse – Voices: The Tales of Broken Men – An album you must listen to from beginning to end. It’s a concept album that is just too good to be passed on. A must!

(3) Titans Eve – Divine Equal – I came across this album by traveling a few thousand kilometers and hanging out with the band at Noctis Fest in Calgary. It has catchy tunes and is extremely memorable. The best car CD of the year for me! ‘Becoming The Demon’ and ‘Judgment’ are infectious.

(4) The Ocean – Anthropocentric – This is an album that is extremely creative and perfect for mellow, chill moments.

(5) Volbeat –  Beyond Hell Above Heaven – The best party album of 2010. It makes me want to jump up and down and just start dancing with the closest chick next to me.

(6) Authority Zero – Stories of Survival – Lyrics. Truly, the lyrics.

(7) Hail The Villain – Declining – A fist-pumping album. If I was standing at a stage barrier and watching these guys, I’d have my fist up in the air and I’d be chanting along.

(8) Alexisonfire – Old Crows/Young Cardinals – It’s Alexisonfire. I’ve just been a fan forever and liked every song they’ve put out. A true rarity.

(9) The Damned Things – Ironclast – I got attracted to this album because the lineup. I was expecting a heavier album. But to sum them up it’s a album that says let’s just have fun!

(10) Falling Anvils – Take It – Mother’s Milk! The riff on this song makes me so angry, but in a good way. I wish I had a guitar so I could mimic what I would do on stage with that song. Here’s their video, by the way: