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Keep on Rocking in the Free World: South Africa

Rock and Roll may have been born in the United States and honed to a fine sheen in England but the power of rock and roll has always been that anybody, anywhere can do it. Rock and roll exists, in some form or another, in almost every corner of the earth. Opening our eyes to these local scenes leads to some interesting discoveries.
Today I start with a site from South Africa, The South African Rock Encyclopedia. This is an incredible site for those of us whose knowledge of South African rock and roll extends no further than the excellent Johnny Clegg. Fascinating stuff.
In the coming weeks and months, I want this to be a regular feature of The Rock and Roll Report. I am currently putting together info on the rock and roll scene in Thailand and an interesting web site on rock and roll in the Balkans. In the future I want to feature more sites from Latin America and Eastern Europe so if you have anything to share, contact me anytime because rock and roll lives where you do.