Kingbathmat With a very psychedelic Beatles vibe backed with modern production techniques, KingBathmat sound like they have an interesting take on rock and roll. A lot of glorious harmonies mixed with spacey sound washes and crunchy guitar riffs, the band is putting the finishing touches on their new album “Fantastic Freak Show Carnival” with a release date of May 1st, 2005. A download of their first single “Ghost in the Fire” will be available on April 1st. If you are curious as to how the band sounds, download this album sampler and have a listen for yourself. Sounds promising.
UPDATE! Amazingly enough, KingBathmat is not a band but London-based multi-instrumentalist John Bassett. I hadn’t had a chance to explore the site fully and now I am even more pumped up for what he has in store with this album. Very cool stuff. Check out the multitude of free MP3s on his site.