Last Call Chernobyl: A Metal Cinderella Story

Who’s ever heard of a Cinderella story in metal? Well, one band out of the East Coast of Canada, Halifax to be specific, has truly proved that the underdog can wear the metal horns, and represent a contingent of metal fans and musicians from back home.

It all began when Last Call Chernobyl entered the 2010 Battle of the Bands, sponsored by Nova Scotia Music and Vans Warped Tour. LCC entered the battle among many other East Coast metal bands, but by winning over the unfamiliar crowds and judges their destiny was written in stone.

“We were contemplating to end, but after winning the first round it was a push for us,” said LCC drummer Josh Pellerine. And after winning that first round, there was no stopping Last Call Chernobyl, as the underdogs took the grand prize and found themselves doing a twelve date tour, which started in Ventura, California and ended in Montreal, Quebec. “We were originally supposed to do four dates, but Kevin, who runs Vans, couldn’t make it to the finals of the battle and I guess he felt bad, so he gave us twelve dates, which was super nice of him,” said guitarist Matt Moulton.

Out of the those dates, Last Call Chernobyl grew up from being an unknown band out of Halifax to conquering new fans and crafting themselves into pros. “This tour was definitely a learning experience; every day we got better,” said vocalist Kyle Mahar. And I testify to that, as I was supper impressed when I saw them live. No wonder these guys won; they truly hold their own on stage. LCC was just incredibly wild on stage, and they are all true musicians. Everything from Kyle Mahar’s vocals and crowd engagement, to the slick guitar riffs of Matt Moulton, to Jason Szeto’s flying bass, to drummer Josh Pellerine’s solid and rowdy drumming, is impressive. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing these guys perform again.

Last Call Chernobyl just released their debut album, Beneath the Sound of Change, via Halifax’s metal institution, Diminished Fifth Records, which actually also came about via the battle of the bands. Josh Hogan, who runs D5R, was one of the judges who’s attention was caught as he watched LCC fight their way through so many others. After LCC’s win, D5R snagged them before anyone else had a chance.

Coming across my earphones, Last Call Chernobyl definitely have a sound of their own. And being a young band; we will surely be hearing more from them real soon.

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Drowning Beneath the Sound of