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Let’s Get WKRP on DVD!

I have talked about my love of the mighty WKRP in Cincinnati before and I still hope beyond hope that all 90 episodes of the show will be released on DVD in their entirety, uncut and with the original music intact but as I have pointed out, that is more difficult than you might imagine. That being said, there is a company with great expertise in obtaining the music rights for a number of classic television shows that are now available on DVD, shows like SCTV, Volume 1 – Network 90
and Freaks and Geeks – The Complete Series
and they have indicated that WKRP would be right up their alley. The company is called Shout Factory and it is a record label started by a couple of ex-Rhino people. Fans from Sitcoms Online have been e-mailing Shout Factory requesting that they do what has to be done and the company has acknowledged the large volume of e-mail but have not committed to anything (yet). Well, let’s add to that volume of e-mail. Please politely e-mail them at and ask them nicely if they could please work on getting WKRP out to a paying public. Let’s do it for Les.