Live Photo Essay: LG Crescent Street Grand Prix Festival, Montreal

Packed downtown streets, countless tourists, an excited frenzy in the air, unbeatable energy and outdoor activities to please even the pickiest of individuals – these can only signify one thing in Montreal and that’s Grand Prix weekend.

This year’s Formula 1 celebrations were accentuated by the LG Grand Prix Festival, which took over Crescent Street from Thursday to Sunday, providing great entertainment to all those in attendance from 11am to 11pm every day. Having set up a large stage at one end of the street to be on to celebrate F1, the LG fest treated Montrealers and tourists alike to nonstop entertainment.

Each day’s festivities kicked off with a local DJ who pumped up the crowd, turning Crescent Street into a massive party, and were capped off by performances from some of Canada’s most rockin’ musical talent. The transitions between DJ and live act could have been smoother, energy was always lost while the DJ left and the band of the night set up all the necessary gear, but as soon as said band would begin playing, all was good again.

The festival was kicked off by Fefe Dobson on Thursday night, followed by underrated Canadian rock legends Sloan on Friday and rising stars Down With Webster on Saturday.

Sloan played a medley of old and new tunes for the crowd who seemed to be enjoying the quartet from Toronto via Halifax. Some witty banter and talk between songs would have been appreciated, but they sounded as tight as ever and they definitely pleased those in attendance, so who am I to complain?

For Saturday night’s big finale, the LG fest brought in Toronto’s Down With Webster who wasted no time in grabbing the attention of everyone on Crescent Street. From the moment the band got on stage with Cam waving their signature DWW flag, to the moment it was resurrected  for their set’s finale, the crowds surrounding the stage were at full attention, dancing and singing like nobody’s business. Yes, it rained, but there wasn’t a single person around who wasn’t having one hell of a great time.

DWW’s music is infectious; an eclectic fusion of rock and hip hop that isn’t like anything that’s currently out there. The word “unique” gets thrown around a lot in the music industry, but these guys truly are. The audience obeyed all of their demands and went wild when Cam jumped off stage to greet them close up; it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out – these guys know what it means to put on a great show, and they’ve got great music to back it up.

Throughout their set, it became evident that DWW must undoubtedly make new fans everywhere they go, and Saturday night was surely no exception. I mean, they even got a customized DWW bra thrown at them.