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Live Review: Inward Eye – The Phoenix, Toronto, Ontario

Inward Eye
The Phoenix
Toronto, Ontario
April 9, 2009

inward-eyeHere’s a band I’d never heard of before but really wished I had. Apparently they opened for the Who a while back in Hamilton and here they are shlepping their own shit into the Phoenix to open for Thornley. Just goes to show you the state of affairs in Canadian music these days. It’s just a roller coaster ride.

As I looked around the photo pit I noticed that despite our differences in styles and opinions on equipment, backgrounds and tastes, all us photographers were rockin out to Inward Eye that night. We were lookin’ at each other giving the thumbs up and the nod at these 3 brothers from Winnipeg, a place I’m convinced there’s something in the water causing guys to form bands that kick ass.

Maybe it’s the long cold winters that besides keeping you from even LOOKING outside, keep you holed up in little home studios for months at a time crafting great music.

I don’t know a damn thing about these guys. All I know is they were REALLY good. They were full of energy, worked their asses off musically and conjured up a feeling of the Who, meets the Police, meets the Clash.

Seriously, check these guys out. Just go to their web site and watch the latest video to get a taste of what I’m talking about. Incredible.

Mike Forbes
Libra Photography
Rebel Reviewer Dot Com

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