Live Show Review: Doves are back, full force.

the-dovesDoves fans are pretty devoted people, considering these guys have taken their sweet time to release their much anticipated fourth album ‘Kingdom of Rust’. I attended the concert a bit apprehensively, since I had originally planned on breaking a sweat at a Femi Kuti show. When my plans fell through, I decided to tag along with a few friends who were going to see these guys.

The quite spacious room at Terminal 5 filled up pretty quickly as the opening band left the stage. Despite a bit of echo due to the layout of the venue, the band came into the sound after a couple of songs. These guys have been making music for almost a decade, and it really shows. I couldn’t help but draw similarities between them and U2 as i bopped my head to several tracks I recognized. There is an epic vibe to their stage presence and songs, despite their nonchalant demeanor. Even Jez Williams’s scratchy voice had a resemblance to Bono’s. Fans sang along to songs new and old alike, and even managed to squeeze in a wee bit of dancing, especially during the tracks “The Last Broadcast” and “There goes the Fear” which maybe unintentionally gave us a glimpse into the old days when these guys were part of a dance act called Sub Sub.During the encore, we even got to see the drummer Andy Williams get up and shout at us while he intermittently played the harmonica to their track “Here it comes” off their debut album.

Overall not a standard Manchester rock band, if you like getting on your dancing shoes while rocking out to some good tunes, these guys are for you.

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