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Live Show Review: Hundred Days with support from Psalms

Hundred Days LiveHundred Days with support from Psalms
19-08-2009 The Rifleman’s Glastonbury

It was with great anticipation and excitement that I made the short journey across to the Rifleman’s in Glastonbury on a warm Wednesday night.

Headlining the gig tonight was Yeovil based rock band Hundred Days. After hearing plenty about them, I had not had the opportunity to see them live.

The support for the evening was Bath based band Psalms, who were unknown to me. After grabbing a quick pint I made it in just in time to watch them kick off a set that blew me away.

With a lead Vocalist/Guitarist, Bassist, Drummer, and Keyboard player, they had a unconventional line up, but they have a unconventional sound. Labeling them as a simple Dance/Rock band would be unfair, as they have elements in their music from a variety of genres, including a tip of the cap to pioneers of Prog Rock Yes and Pink Floyd, along with bursts of Heavy Metal and full on Prodigy-esque hard dance. These guys certainly have great potential, especially with standout track ‘Easy’, which had the crowd whipped into a frenzy. Watch out for Psalms, they are going make a big dent in the industry.

As the Rifleman’s fill up with people, Hundred Days front man Stuart Curtin asks the crowd if we “are ready to rock“, the answer is a unanimous yes as the 3 piece storm into ‘Blackheart’ from their debut album, which kicks off with a riff Led Zeppelin would have been proud of, and proceeds to send the crowd into spontaneous head banging. Hundred Days keep up the pace with the immensely catchy ‘No Better’, and a excellent cover of ‘Hysteria’ by Muse. Slower tracks ‘Broken in hell’, and ‘Suicide Joe’ still have a certain charm about them, the latter to be featured on the forthcoming album. After a sweaty set of almost a hour, it was clear to see here was a band that thoroughly enjoy playing live, and their energy and enthusiasm rubs off on you.

In Stuart Curtin they have a great front man whose live voice was impeccable. Add in a great rhythm section of drummer Ryan Leese and Bassist Simon Evans, and they have the perfect mix.

I am surprised Hundred Days are not signed to a label, as they have the stage presence, the song writing ability, and the talent to go all the way. I for one certainly hope they get there.

Aaron Phillips