Mangry’s Metal File – DROWNING POOL



Ryan McCombs: Lead vocals
C.J. Pierce: Guitars/vocals
Stevie Benton: Bass/vocals
Mike Luce: Drums/vocals


Indie Record Label- Eleven Seven Music

The band itself has been around for a while but with the untimely death of lead singer David Williams it brought some changes ,now the line up includes the raunchy & raw vocals of Mr Ryan McCombs. Ryan is no stranger to the industry (but out of the industry too for years) he came from the band Soil although I firmly agree that he has found his band!!! These guys hail from Texas so you already know the whiskey flows freely and the music is fresh, new and extremely hard hitting from the squeels of C.J’s guitar, the bassy tones of Stevie,and the head pounding roar of Mike’s drums this band promises everything.

They recently covered Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell” and if i don’t say so myself don’t tell Mr Idol this but… I like this version better more balls to it. Also on the new release entitled Full Circle they pay homage to the troops fighting for freedom, they have met with President Obama to discuss the key issues that face the troops when they returned home from war. As well on this new album you will find a great ballad entitled “37 Stitches” which reflects on life in a band and the ways is profoundly affects them. Make sure to check out the track “Enemy” it will surely make you raise your fists in the air.

I recently had a chance to hang out with these guys and let me tell you they are truly very nice people and so very talented as well extremely hard working (this past summer the were at Ozzfest). I wish them all the best and all the success that they truly deserve, we are so glad that this band decided to continue on and are now growing strong.

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Untill next time…