Mangry’s Metal File – West Memphis Suicide

This band hails from Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Featuring Chris Raposo (vocals, guitar)
Barry Martin (guitar)
Paul Oliver (bass)
Dani Cobb (drums)

When i first heard of this band the one thing that stuck out to me was the heavy guitar riffs. When you listen to these musicians the guitar work grabs you and then the drums come in with an amazing roar and tight bass lines, throw in the heavy lyrics and there you have it the perfect mix of talent you will want more I promise.

Personally I see this band as one of the hardest working bands in the indie scene here in Ontario Canada. That comes through loud and clear in the music and the lyrics, not only hard hitting but also very catchy; you will find yourself singing along. One thing about this band is they are very fan friendly, they have managed to build a dedicated fan base and talent that propels them farther with each show they do.

Chris Raposo was entered in the Dean Guitars shredder search, not only was he picked but he made it to the top 15 out of thousands of entries, which is pretty awesome considering he was judged by a top group of artists including Vinnie Paul (Pantera, Damage Plan, Hell Yeah). I’m sure this will bring them much more well deserved attention. As well as guitar he also is the front man of this group of metal heads, his lyrics are very well put together, catchy and very realistic.

One thing for sure these boyz are great at what they do and they have a chemistry that many search for in band mates. After all, if the band is great but the personal side sucks that does come through but that is not the case at all here, you can tell they all admire what each member brings to the table. They are not afraid to have fun as well which to me is very important to a band and the fans.

Their first installment of metal is contained in the CD Songo Hollow. With chunky bass and drum sounds then adding in the master shredding of the guitars, this CD makes for a metal heads dream from start to finish. I must recommend this CD to all that live and breathe metal as you will not be disappointed. As a result of hearing this album you will become one of the masses, joining up to support this band of awesome musicians. My personal favorite song is Redemption. Other new songs offer you a tantalizing treat such as Sex Rush, Rise, Suffocate and The Big Deal just to name a few.

Grab your metal horns, hold ‘em high and hold on tight! Visit the bands MySpace page and be prepared to bang your head!!!

Stay metal friends
See ya at the shows and support indie music!