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Martin Cornel and The Mind Invaders – “People at the Gate” EP (Coffee Records)

Martincornel_1When I first heard the Martin Cornel and The Mind Invaders EP “People at the Gate” I immediately thought of two great Canadian bands: the late, great Chalk Circle and the still active and still rockin’ 5440. Throw in some early U2 and you might get an idea of what this Norweigian rocker sounds like. A fantastic record on the Norweigian label Coffee Records, a label incidentaly that seems to be off to a flying start and is really striving to bring great rock and roll to the fore, “People at the Gate” is a wonderful rock and roll record to savour over and over. Listen to a sample of Ice Hearted and People at the Gate for a good idea of what Martin Cornel has to offer. Good stuff.