Matheson Kamin’s “Best Of” List for 2009

As we say goodbye to 2009, it’s time we make our “Best Of” lists for the year. As I like to write about both new albums that were released within the year and albums that slipped through the cracks, I don’t usually have enough current year releases in my catalog of reviews for the year to make a Top 10 list. Therefore, my “Best Of” list for 2009 will only contain 5 entries.

With a “Best Of” list, I think it should reflect all of the types of music covered by the writer that is creating the list. Because of this, my “Best Of” list for 2009 will contain many different styles of rock music. And with that in mind, here is my Top 5 list for 2009 in no particular order:

True Nature- “Feels Like Centuries”

Mambo Sons- “Heavy Days”

Cellbound- “Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere”

Sweet- “Live In America”

Lucky Singh- “7”


truenature2True Nature’s Feels Like Centuries was the best modern day rock album I had listened to in 2009. True Nature took a new approach to the sound of today’s rock and improved upon it. If you like modern day rock, check this band out.



HeavyDays_6panel.qxdMambo Sons’ Heavy Days was the best straight-out rock album from 2009. And with Mambo Sons putting a release that is a double CD, there would definitely be enough good stuff on the release to make purchasing the album worth it.


Cellbound_-_Fallen_Angels_of_Sui_Caedere_coverCellbound’s Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere is one of the best heavy metal albums in a long time. If you like heavy metal that was around before people started combining the style with rap, Cellbound’s release of Fallen Angels of Sui Caedere should really make you happy.


the-sweetSweet’s “Live In America” is another entry to my “Best Of” list for 2009. Sweet was around back during the time of glam rock. The band has gone through many line-up changes. In fact, the line-up that appears on the album Live In America consists of only one original member- bassist Steve Priest. But with the musicians that join Steve in the current version of the American line-up of Sweet, the band’s hits sound as good as if they were performed by the original version of the group that existed more than thirty years ago. And any music fan that likes glam rock should hear the band’s new release of Live In America.


luckytunes“7” from Lucky Singh is the last album that belongs on my “Best Of” list for the year of 2009. Having released this album along with two other albums in 2009, Singh’s album of “7” proved to be a favorite of mine. The instrumental album released by the British musician has many different feelings and sounds throughout the album’s hour-long playlist. Lucky Singh created one of the most inventive albums for 2009, and he has created one of the best instrumental releases in a long time.

The purpose of a “Best Of” list from any reviewer is to allow the public to know what the writer liked most during a year and to allow readers the chance to discover some music that may have been overlooked by other writers and publications. Take the opportunity to check out these releases. At the very least, you may end up with a larger music library when you are finished.

To check out or purchase any of the albums on this list, click on the album covers above.