Rock and Roll Reads

Mojo Rising

Despite the abundance of music related web sites on the internet these days, there is something to be said about plopping yourself down in a deck chair by the pool and reading a good old fashioned rock and roll magazine. I always try to make some time for this necessary life affirming function and increasingly the rock mags I tend to read regularly are British. Why? I like big and glossy. I like a mixture of old and new. I like features on esoteric bands and record labels and it seems more and more that British mags like Mojo, Q and Uncut give me what I want.
This weekend, I finally got a chance to catch up on some reading with the June (Led Zeppelin on the cover) and July (R.E.M. on the cover) issues of Mojo. While I enjoyed the cover stories, it’s always the little snippets and news items that catch my eye and are the main reason why I continue to buy Mojo (despite the steep cover price here in Canada). The June issue features an excellent CD of American garage bands (“Sometimes You Just Can’t Win” by Mouse & the Traps is wild and it also features the most excellent “Psychotic Reaction” by the Count Five). I also enjoyed the feature on the Beatles obsessed sixties band The Aerovons who’s long lost album “Resurrection” has been released by RPM Records.
The July issue has a feature on the very cool Toe Rag Studio where the White Stripes recorded “Elephant” as well as a host of other bands. There is also a great story on Trunk Records , features on Neil Young , “Double Nickels” by the Minutemen (check out Mike Watt’s home page at ) and the Godfather of Soul James Brown performing in Vietnam at the height of the Vietnam War.
Both issues were great reads. Next!