Live Rock and Roll

Montreal R&B Extravaganza

As if Pop Montreal wasn’t enough, there is a very cool show in my fair city on October 23rd featuring:

The Chains (Montreal, Canada)

…..These 5 lads put the B in Beat and P in punch. This is one of
the last time you will see them before they release their much
awaited follow-up to their critically acclaimed Get Hip debut.

The Blackbeats (Providence…ahem London England)

…..The Blackbeats are a moppy outfit indeed! They play wild and
frantic R&B beat songs. It is musically solid and ridiculously

DJs will be spinning the best in Freakbeat R&B Garage Soul YeYe all
night. Some of the best DJ’s in North America will be attending
such as:

Davy Love…Toronto legend/guru of Blow-up parties.
Ty Jesso…Well known record collector, purveyor of good taste
Napoleon 67…Of Les Sequelles fame spinning the rarest french Ye-Ye

Be advised, The Chains and The Blackbeats will also be playing live
Friday the 22nd of October at the Dominion Tavern in Ottawa.

Further details can be found at The Chains’ website. It’s what’s happening!