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Muddy Miles bring us ‘Another Headache’.

Muddy MilesMuddy Miles are a band who moved to Bristol in the UK a short while ago and have been making a firm mark in the music scene for some while. They have been filling their time by working on their first album during the last year whilst gigging locally and nationally and gaining plenty of support and recognition.

These great guys released their Just A Ride EP in 2011 and this really caught my ears and triggered my synapses. They have just done the same again with the debut album Another Headache. They create deeply driven experimental/progressive/psychedelic rock which flows faultlessly, sucking you in and stimulating your senses. This album just leaves you wanting, needing more. Check them out because if you are quick enough You can download this Muddy Miles album in digital format for free, or pay what you want.

There are 200 free downloads only, so get clicking quick.