Odds & Sods

My Adventures in Software

So I installed my 120 day trial version of Windows XP Pro last night to check it out and evaluate whether I should buy it and use that instead of my usual Windows 98 SE. It installed fine and I must admit that things like the automatic setting of my screen resolution and the quick and painless Internet set up impressed me. I was less impressed with the “Simpsons” style colour scheme used as the GUI and I will probably revert to the crappy Windows 98 default colour scheme if I stick with XP. The one thing that amazed me was what happened when I checked out the Windows updates site to see what patches I needed to apply to a product on a CD that was released in 2002. There were 43 critical patches required to update this particular version of XP! Holy cow! I always keep my system up to date in both Microsoft issued patches and virus definitions but it was still mind boggling none the less. I didn’t bother installing the patches and will probably wait until the weekend as I suspect it will take awhile. Over all the user experience is quite good and very helpful and straight forward. I will be installing a version of Linux on the same system and evaluate that to see how difficult a Windows to Linux migration would be. I’m currently in the planning stages of a new website/project (it will deal with space or the environment, still not sure yet but not rock and roll so stay tuned) and I am hoping to go all Linux on that to keep all my options open so I’ll let you know how that goes. I think that The Rock and Roll Report is pretty much stuck with Windows since I need to easily access sites with Windows Media files but I have no such requirements for the new site so this will give me the opportunity to dive head first into the world of open source. Should be alternately fun and frustrating but isn’t that the way with all computer related endeavors?