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Nasty Little Lonely (formerly Rock In Your Pocket)

The good city of Bristol and the whole South West region in the UK has a thriving music scene, the city of Bristol is packed with so many good music venues covering all styles and genres. And then there are the bands. One band band called Rock In Your Pocket was formed in Bristol back in 2009 and they caught my attention very quickly when I found their initial two songs ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ and ‘Le Son De L’argent (Dirty Hands)’ online. Both of these songs have such a strong fusion of styles which entrapped my enthusiasm for this band. ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ gels to form a plastic/elastic explosively punked up song. ‘Dirty Hands’ has also been used on the band’s debut album Gutterdub. Nasty Little Lonely are beyond pigeonholing into any specific genre or comparison but they are erogenously eclectic as they mix the power of punk and grunge into a flux with a dash of dub and a light spicing of guitar psychedelia.

Nasty Little Lonely

Charlie Beddoes(Bass, Vox) and Ben Fisher (Guitar, fuzz and backing Vox) gave birth to Rock In Your Pocket after moving to Bristol in early 2009 after working as session players in London. They had visited the city of Bristol before and had an inspiring jam session which attracted them to Bristol. Charlie has a historical link with the city of Bristol as she is an ancestor of the radical poet Dr Thomas Lovell Beddoes.  To add to Charlie’s credits she has also been part of Rob Ultra, who were signed to a major label. Charlie has sessioned with Emiliana Torrini, Rolan Bolan, Trash Palace (featuring Brian Molko,Michael J Sheehy and also Martin Grech, Ben also played session for Michael which is where the pair met. Charlie has played in support slots for Sting, Muse, Smashing Pumpkins, Moby and Therapy? and has extensive touring experience. Charlie daytime job is teaching bass guitar, song writing and live performance at the Bristol Institute of Modern Music, BIMM. Yes Charlie is a more than a little like Bristol’s own Jack Black (School Of Rock) but just a little more pleasing to the eyes and a lot more pleasing to the ears! Bens history includes playing at T in the Park as well as Wembey Arena. With this amount of background experience you get exactly what you may expect plus a whole lot more.

The Rock In Your Pocket/Nasty Little Lonely line up has always been Charlie and Ben but due to a variety of reasons they drums and samples section had been filled by numerous drummers until Mikey Morgan joined. Last year the band decided to change their name because Rock In Your Pocket was originally a bedroom project, they had outgrown this and needed a fresh identity.  Nasty Little Lonely define themselves into a ‘post punk gutterdub rock’n’roll’ genre which is such an accurate description of their combination of styles, which does include a large dose of grunged punk with just a hint of dub. They stand out and make their mark so boldly, every performance is an auditory explosion of sonic proportions. I have seen them live on many occasions and you can always hear people in the crowd who must have missed the start of the set asking ‘who is this band’. To me this is always terrific feedback. On set Charlie leads as she drives out the deep bass rhythm’s and potently nebulous vocals which can also be so seductive. Ben melds himself with the guitar and effects boxes so well that he takes on the appearance of a rocking rag doll as he stoops and adjusts effects equipment when not adding vocals. Mikey Morgan on the drums has a superb style, a rhythm meister who plays the big stick and little sticks whilst controlling samples admirably.

Last year Nasty Little Lonely released Gutterdub, this album simply manages to blow any pre-assumed expectations into a far corner and from the start it grabs you by the ears and stimulates your guts, just as the live sets do.

Gutterdub is a superb collection of ten songs which gel together to create an album which stands out and demands much recognition and respect. I have seen the band play live many times last year and have always been deeply smitten by not only by their sound but also by the quality of the performance. When I received my copy of Gutterdub I already knew all of the songs from these gigs and also from the previous Rock In Your Pocket releases. This made absolutely no difference at all to the overall impact and impression that Gutterdub made on me when I first played it and also each and every time that I re-play it.

Gutterdub opens with ‘Nobody’s Bitch But Mine’ which is a blindingly powerful tune which gets you hooked right into the album, full of power and astutely full of attitude this is an instant anthem….. You can check this song on You Tube HERE
‘Take It To The Grave’ haunts you next, Charlies vocals softening, spooking and seducing as a sweetly sinister driven ethereal element is added to the album. ‘Doubtbox’ was the title track from the EP of the same name, this song is another compelling anthem about the perils of social networking and has got a wonderful video… The You Tube Video for this is HERE
‘Undone’ has a deep down and dirty intro and chorus and again makes the most of Charlies haunting vocal style. ‘Dreams To Sell’ is the only song not entirely written by Nasty Little Lonely as the words have been adapted from the poem ‘Dream Pedlary’ originally written in about 1830 by Thomas Lovell Beddoes. ‘Ditch The Witch’ is another song from the previous Doubtbox EP. ‘Yeah Yeah’ is also taken from Doubtbox and used on the Gutterdub album.  ‘You Only Love Me When You’re Drunk’ is another track from the EP and has passionate, angsty attitude. On this album, as opposed to the EP, ‘Yeah Yeah’ comes in two parts, part one being a short intro (little sticks) leading onto part two which is the full track (big sticks). The album closes with ‘Le Son De L’Argent(Dirty Hands)’, this was originally on the ‘Ugly Face Of Rage’ single and  has vocals sung in French while the choruses are in English. With a slower sultry pace this song is truly seductive.
Gutterdub is a benchmark debut album from one of the best new UK bands which I have been fortunate enough to find over the past few years. I realise that this is a bold statement but Nasty Little Lonely ARE simply that good, and so definitvely stylish. Each and every song grips and surpasses as you listen through them and collectively they create an album which is almost symbiotic in nature. Gutterdub is such a sonically enthralling and astounding musical work.

Gutterdub is my favourite new album from 2012 I am sure about is that this is post-punk gutterdub rock’n’roll at its finest…..

To give you taste of Nasty Little Lonely, you can check them out and listen to and/or purchase Gutterdub HERE

For Xmas 2012 Nasty Little Lonely released a cover of the 1967 Nancy Sinatra/Lee Hazelwood song ‘Some Velvet Morning’. This superb  version features guest vocals from Bristol band Heaven Asunder’s Matt Boyd. A direct link to this is HERE.

Currently Nasty Little Lonely are working on new material so keep do keep an eye on them… More UK tour dates are sure to come soon as they continue to play not only in Bristol but all over the UK.

HERE is a link to Nasty Little Lonely on Facebook.

Thanks go to Nasty Little Lonely and also Julian Wells/Venue Magazine and The Bristol Evening Post for helping to provide valuable  background information for this article.