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News From The Digital Front

eMusic is apparently getting into an indie frame of mind according to eMusic to relaunch MP3 subscription service. They plan on “helping people find their way through the often-confusing independent music world” which, if effective would be a real boon to those of us who listen to a lot of music from indie labels. The service will be subscription-based though which I am still not crazy about but we shall see how it all pans out. At least the MP3 files won’t be encumbered by any kind of digital rights management (DRM) software. It sounds like a promising service that should differentiate itself from download services by Apple, Microsoft and Napster.
Interestingly enough on the same day I read this piece I also read in The Register that 9 out of 10 people prefer CDs to downloads. This shouldn’t shock anybody. I have always maintained that I would prefer a physical CD with a cool booklet over some file on my computer that might or might not work on any given day and may very well disappear if my hard drive craps out (trust me it happens!). I think most people have a problem with the quality of music, not so much the format that it is in.