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Nick’s Picks: Le Cul

Le Cul is a big bang of self-professed psychedelic fuck-rock from Denmark. They have a lively, inventive indie Rock sound and an ethos equal to that of any true punk outfit, even if their style does not fit that genre, their attitude does.

In late 2007 Mr Maxis met Mr D. At this time they were just getting acquainted but despite this they came to the conclusion that they should form a Rock & Roll band. They both play guitar and sing vocals. Shortly after this Mr D heard that a couple of new guys, both musicians and similar to themselves, were in town. This was Mr. Emilesch who plays drums and percussion, and Mr. Baskerville, a bass player. They got together and began practising.
By the summer of 2008, the band had taken shape fully. They decided upon a name, Le Cul, which is French for ‘the ass’. I do love bands with a sense of humour that don’t take themselves too seriously. They went along to Gustav Niepoorts recording studio in Copenhagen and laid down ten tracks.

Their debut album is almost complete (‘Head Home Through The Weeds’). I have been fortunate enough to have been able to listen to these for review, and they are great. A real lively personalised form of very catchy and inspired pop rock, which enthrals and entertains with a style, which is so unique.

As mentioned before, they have two vocalists. As Mr Maxis and Mr D. do not sing together, but individually on different tracks, there is a wonderful variety in the songs laid down so far. They have the perkiness of so many great bands within their sound, the youthful elements of say Franz Ferdinand, but with added verve (the literal, not the band). They also have some vocals reminiscent of Tom Waits, adding variety. Adding to this they have an attitude similar to some great psychobilly acts.

The influences of Mr. Waits along with that of the Brian Jonestown Massacre, Pulp, Pixies, The Doors and Richard Hell can clearly be heard.

Their energy and panache provides the previously mentioned enthrallment all alongside a truly fresh vitalizing feel to their material which is such fun. Watch out for these great guys, with a sound like this they will certainly make their mark and generate and define a genre of their own.

Intense Nick