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Nicks Picks: The Buffalo Kings

Based in Swansea, South Wales, The Buffalo Kings have been hard at work.

With the final line-up established late 2005. Fuelled by Jack Daniels No. 7 and their love and understanding of all that is good and wholesome in Blues laden Rock’n’Roll. If you can’t get to see this band live, then get some (preferably all) of their material and be sure to have a monster of a sound system, and shake those windows whilst slowly vibro – massaging your neighbors, they need educating after all.

All of the bass and rolling mid-range rhythm is a total joy and you feel and share the joy in the music with the band as you listen along. These boys may be from South Wales in the UK, but the sheer amount of southern drawl in the music is heartfelt and very comforting and pleasing if you are a fan of good, hard honest Rock.

As AC/DC said, Rock’n’Roll is her to stay, and this band underpins the foundations. Their sound is a rolling gargantuan of solid rolling rhythmic Rock, rekindling Rock’n’Roll whilst revitalizing it to the extreme.

The Buffalo Kings consist of – Baz on Guitar/Vocals, Math on Guitar, Maddy on Bass, Chris on Drums.

Heavy duty Hard Rock is alive and kicking in South Wales, UK. This bunch of JD swilling and inspired Rock lovers and players proves the point.

Long live Rock and The Buffalo Kings, get some in.

Do give you a taste, download Son of a Gun courtesy of The Buffalo Kings and the Rock and Roll Report!

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