Nine Questions With Winnipeg’s Comeback Kid

When you hear hardcore music, such as that which Comeback Kid makes, it can be easy to assume that the members of the band are anti-sentimentalists dressed in black, but don’t let impressions fool you. After meeting with Andrew Neufeld, lead singer of Comeback Kid, I quickly realized that the band is made up of five sensitive guys. Having arrived early for my interview with Andrew, I was lucky enough to hear the band during their soundcheck and as soon as I heard him scream out loud, I understood why critics have been giving such good reviews to the band’s new album, “Symptoms and Cures.”  Touring has become part of the members’ lifestyles – in fact, the band is fully booked until next spring – and they have brought three other bands with them on this tour. Here’s a summary of my time with Andrew, during which he explained that making hardcore music is the way in which he can best express himself …

Q: This is your fourth album and many reviewers have qualified it as the best so far, especially for the lyrics – How does that make you feel and was it hard to write the lyrics for this record?

A: We are stoked that people think it is the best. As for the lyrics, writing them is the hardest part for me.

Q: How is this album different from the previous ones?

A: This one has more of a punk/rock twist to it. The vocals are heavier, there is more life. This album can translate life, it’s more melodic.

Q: What was the main source of inspiration for this album?

A: Being on the road, in transit, always moving from one country to another. For the past few years, my life has constantly changed and moved. The relationships that I have and their ups and downs are also an important source of inspiration.

Q: Would you ever consider doing another genre of music?

Yes, in fact, each member of the group is already part of another band. I am in another band called “Safe & Sound.”

Q: What has been your biggest challenge since stepping in as lead singer?

A: Being the one in charge of maintaining a good physical appearance to represent the band.

Q: Has all that hardcore singing ever given you any trouble with your vocal chords?

A: I’ve had some pretty rough clarence in the throat. After the first few shows, I tend to lose my voice.

Q: What do you listen to while touring?

A: Today I listened to the new “Terror” record. I’ve also been listening to “Azure” and “Debit Thompson.”

Q: What makes you happiest when performing?

A: People losing their minds to music and going crazy.

Q: What can fans expect from your shows?

A: The coolest and funniest show.

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