Now this is rock and roll! The Gurus

Once again Rainbow Quartz Records is my salvation. They have so many great bands signed up and currently another band in their staple is one of my faves. The Gurus are based out of Barcelona, Spain and if this is the kind of rock and roll that Spain produces I will be checking out the air courier flights to that country ASAP. Some compare them to The Beatles, The Who and The Kinks. Some compare them to Oasis. All I know is that these guys are absolutely a blast to listen to. When (if) they hit Montreal I’ll be there with a smile on and an English-Spanish dictionary in my back pocket. Great stuff and just more proof (as if you even needed it) that rock and roll is doing just fine thanks to a couple of guys from Barcelona. Download the two MP3s from the Rainbow Quartz site and enjoy.
UPDATE I don’t think the people of Spain are thinking too much about rock and roll right now after the tragedy they suffered today. My heart and prayers go out to the people of Spain and the victims of this horrendous act.