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Number 1 with a digital bullet?

Ok this is very cool and very 2004. The indie high school rock band Self-Titled are trying to produce the first million selling song on iTunes by encouraging fans and the just plain curious to download their latest single “Equinox” on or around February 7th according to Independent teenage rockers want to score the first iTunes Music Store million-selling song. Why? Well their reasoning should be encouraging for all musicians out there “To me, this is more than just about our group getting attention — if we succeed at this — a high school rock group who ordinarily sells a few CDs at live shows — then we’ll be putting hope in the hearts of thousands of independent musicians and bands that they don’t need to be with a major record label to make it! There’s a revolution in the way people find out about and buy music, and we’re in on the ground floor!” To me this just goes to show what can be done in this day and age by any band with a computer and an Internet connection. Too much.