NXNE Roundup: Damn you, parties, it’s all a blur now!

Another year, another NXNE and yet again, I was a victim to NXNE's most awesome parking lot and rooftop parties. What can I say, free booze, food and live music are the perfect tonic for good times with friends.

I kicked off my NXNE with probably one of my most favourite parties to date. Hosted by Exclaim!, Jagermeister and Sailor Jerry in a random parking lot at the corner of Spadina and College, the combination of Canada's music authority and everyone's favourite drinks was the perfect slur maker.

Greeted by sexy Jagerettes who encouraged photos, as well as a parking lot decorated with plenty of hotrods, pretty much everyone and anyone you needed to know was at this outdoor party. The parking lot was massive, to your left from the entrance you had a BBQ set-up with of burgers, hot dogs, grilled cheese and more and in every other direction you had multiple bars setup, which were serving all sorts of Jager concoctions. I also tip my hat to Sailor Jerry who truly stole the show, as their promo trailer won the hearts of many seeing as they offered free haircuts by Crows Nest Barbershop, real Sailor Jerry tattoos by a local artist and, of course, unlimited rum and cokes and plenty of free swag.


I have to say, it's pretty tough to beat a bash like that, but I do have to give props to a rooftop shindig that I checked out in Kensington Market the following day. What truly made it memorable was Little Foot Long Foot literally performing on top of the roof of the house in which this bash was taking place and putting on stellar performance as the blistering sun pounded its heat on the crowd. In my head I was thinking 'Don't look at the band, don't look at the band, the sun is blinding me, but it's just too good to miss!' The things you do for music. 


I blame all these industry parties for my lack of memory and apologize for my short NXNE wrap up. But before I finish things off, I will mention the one band that truly stood out of the pack for me and went unrivaled during the entire weekend – Toronto's These Electric Lives. An electro-pop-rock band who are a blend of The Bravery, U2 and maybe some Duran Duran, everyone song this band performed was infectious and their cover of Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game' was one the best I've ever heard. Really. So, in short, I'm looking forward to next year's NXNE. Especially the parties! 

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