“Our band is called Sun Wizard, how about you guys?” – James Younger

Vancouver’s Sun Wizard is a catchy band whose music is as brilliant as the sun. The group is made up of four friends: James, Mally, Ben and Francesco. The lead singer has the perfect rough voice to make their rock tracks appealing and enjoyable and my favorite one off their new album, Positively 4th Avenue, is “World’s Got a Handle,” a song that reminds me of Razorlight.

10 Buildings” can take you back to the 1990s, as it has a very similar sound to Nirvana, and overall, with its diversity, Positively 4th Avenue is an album worth listening to because it has the knack to transport you into the band’s own psychic world.  Song writer and guitarist James Younger took time to answer some questions before the album’s September 20th release.

Q: How did you come up with such a summery name as Sun Wizard?

A: Oh, me and Mally used to spin psych records. We would throw a party called Geronimo on Wednesdays at this bar downtown, other bands would play at it, and we got way into trippin’ out listening to weird Anatolian music together. We would joke about starting a band called Sun Wizard just so we could say “Our band is called Sun Wizard, how about you guys?”

Q: How did you guys come together, and what is your musical background?

A: Me and Mally would just play acoustics and pretend to be in The Kinks or something like that. Then we played this show on Vancouver Island, which basically culminated in a twenty-minute acoustic version of “Born on the Bayou.” Francesco played a wooden frog that night, then he switched over to bass, and our pal Ben picked up the sticks.

Q: What makes you most happy when playing your tracks?

A: We don’t take our shit too seriously. I think if you write as much as we do, you can’t afford to stop and over-think it. Playing live, when people dig it, is a lovely feeling. I like a good noisy jam in the middle of a pop song too – that always makes me happy.

Q: What’s the one song that you guys cover the most while practicing? (If any!)

A: “Big Black Smoke” by The Kinks, or maybe “Let Me Roll It,” that Macca song, possibly Wings, I can’t remember.

Q: What band would you like to go on tour with?

A: Stones circa Exile on Main Street, just for the stories. It looks like fun in Cocksucker Blues.

Q: What are your personal favorite tracks off your new record?

A: Oh, it’s all just songs to me, it’s all good. It’s hard to pin your own music down, but I must say the whole thing turned out pretty well.

Q: What color best represents your sound?

A: Tough one. I will say any of the Easter pastels.

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