Outrageous Cherry

Outrageous_cherry There was a time that seemed long ago but was in fact only 1966 where there existed a form of music called “pop” that was exciting and adventurous and all the kids loved it and all the parents thought that it was mindless drivel. Pop gave us “Revolver” by the Beatles, “Connection” by the Rolling Stones, “Making Time” by the Creation and “Good Vibrations” by the Beach Boys. In 1966 “Pop” was good. Fast forward to 2005 and what do we have that is called “pop?” Well we have American Idol, Jessica Simpson and God knows what else in an attempt to pump out the “product” to the kids but don’t give up hope just yet as there are islands of wonderful pop purity that will almost make you feel like you were back in London on a beautifully Spring day in 1966. Outrageous Cherry, with their two most recent releases, the EP “Why Don’t We Talk About Something Else” and their latest CD “Our Love Will Change the World” are leading the charge in reclaiming pop back to the realm of cool and they are succeeding. These two CDs are great and Matthew Smith is an absolute rock and roll wunderkind. He reminds me of Moe Berg, another great pop tunesmith who is able to craft amazingly tuneful hard pop nuggets with modern rock and roll sensibilities. Listen to “Why Don’t We Talk About Something Else” and enjoy another great rock and roll treat from the fine folks at Rainbow Quartz. Currently on tour, here are their upcoming tour dates:

3/19/2005 SoHo Lounge Austin TX USA

3/31/2005 Garfield Art Works Pittsburg PA USA

4/1/2005 Pontiac Theatre Philadelphia PA USA

4/2/2005 The Hook Brooklyn NY USA

4/3/2005 Mercury Lounge New York City NY USA

4/5/2005 Bug Jar Rochester NY USA

4/15/2005 Beachland Cleveland OH USA

4/16/2005 Bottom Lounge Chicago IL USA

4/17/2005 Triple Rock Minneapolis MN USA

4/18/2005 High Noon Saloon Madison WI USA

4/19/2005 Ralphs Moorhead MN USA

4/20/2005 Vaudeville Mews Iowa City IA USA

4/22/2005 Larimer Lounge Denvor CO USA

4/23/2005 Kilby Court Salt Lake City UT USA

4/23/2005 Bertais Portland OR USA

4/26/2005 Corazone Seattle WA USA

4/29/2005 Hemlock San Francisco CA USA

4/30/2005 Spaceland Los Angeles CA USA

5/4/2005 Hi-Pointe St. Louis MO USA