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Pass the Jam

What do the Gratefull Dead, Primus, Phish and the String Cheese Incident have in common? Goofy names? Well yeah but that’s not really what I was thinking of. What I was really getting at were that they are considered to be jam bands, bands that take a freeform approach to rock and roll by varying their set list night after night while taking an improvisational approach to their music. Some people consider it to be “needless noodling” and I must admit sometimes it can get a bit “out there” but jam bands have their fans and one of the best ways of seeing what it is they love is to check out a site like Jam Bands.Com. If you’re looking for weird sounding bands who wouldn’t be caught dead playing for less than 3 hours, Jam Bands.Com is a good place to start. Come to think of it, there is a jam band out there, somewhere just starting to tune up. Go check them out but you don’t have to rush! They’ll be there all night.