Rock History

Pass the Poi, Son

I am literally freezing my ass off here in Montreal as all week we have been hit with arctic temperatures in the region of –40 degrees Celsius. If I hear the terms “bitter cold” or “extreme temperatures” one more time I think I am going to punch someone so naturally my thoughts have turned to visions of a tropical paradise, someplace like Hawaii. A quick Google search on Hawaiian rock ‘n’ roll brought me to the Hawaii Radio and TV Archive and more specifically, some rock and roll radio history, Hawaiian style. First off is the KPOI Top 300 Marathon of Hits of 1973. The Partridge Family, Led Zeppelin and Don Ho all on the same list. Cool. The second was some info on the legendary (if you lived in Hawaii) Poi Boys. All in all a great source of info on Hawaiian rock and roll radio history and the perfect thing to get your mind off the fact that the wind outside is howling at about 500 miles an hour. Aloha.