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Paul McCartney – Most influential living artist?

Paul_mccartney While watching Paul McCartney perform during the Super
Bowl halftime, it occurred to me that he just possibly
may have done more to influence popular culture on a
global level than any other living person (emphasis on
living). Whether you adore him as a Beatle, or
bitterly dismiss him as a purveyor of silly love
songs, it’s hard to think of anyone whose artistic
accomplishments have had such a wide reaching and
enduring impact. Obviously, there are plenty of
innovative artists who have started popular trends, or
made groundbreaking contributions that have
significantly changed the fields of music, filmmaking,
art, literature, and fashion. However, it could be
argued that few, if any, have influenced global
culture to the extent that McCartney has.

This isn’t to say that McCartney is the best musician
or the most brilliant songwriter in the world. It
doesn’t matter if you love him, hate him, or couldn’t
care less about him. It’s merely an objective
observation that seems worthy of consideration, and
which has the makings of a terrific subject for
discussion and debate among the readers of the Rock
and Roll Report. So don’t be shy, let’s hear your