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Paul Spencer – “The Whole Shebang” (Independent)

Pspencer Wearing influences as diverse as the Beatles, the Kinks and Bob Dylan to the Ramones, Replacements and Pixies proudly on his sleeve, Paul Spencer’s “The Whole Shebang” is chock-full of screaming Richenbackers and Les Pauls, great melodic riffs and vocals that would make Iggy proud. Highlight tracks for me include “We Don’t Give a Damn”, “Walk Away Christie” and “The Whole Shebang” but really the whole album is a great rock and roll blast that demands to be played at high volume. Paul Spencer and his band deserve your support not only becauss they rock out but because they rock out with conviction. The two are not always a part of rock and roll these days so when they are you want to make sure the musicians know it. Great stuff.