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PBS To Air Internet Show, “Rock ‘n’ Roll Safari,” Detroit

Starting in January, PBS will begin airing “Rock ‘N’ Roll Safari,” an internet show featuring the stories and live music of local Detroit bands and select indie artists from across the country. James McGovern and Greg Sharrow, co-creators and local musician themselves, will be taking their camera crew into Detroit’s most rockin’ venues to capture live concert footage and interviews from some of the best up-and-coming bands in the indie scene today. Featured bands will include indie favorites Melissa Ferrick, Bob Schneider, and Detroit artists The Hard Lessons, The Muggs, Hotness and The Grande Nationals and more. Rock ‘N’ Roll Safari will air on PBS throughout Southeastern Michigan and nationally in Canada. Tune in to channel 56 every Saturday night starting at 11 p.m. For 24-7 access to Rock N Roll Safari log on to

Sharrow and McGovern started the Internet-based, music/ film network, to help create a platform for a handful of artists around the country. “We feel that there is a lot of talent our there, lost in the masses of mediocre bands, looking for a way to be heard.” McGovern sees Live Underground Concert Series as a filter that selects the bands that are unique and that have something new and fresh to say musically. “And most importantly” Sharrow adds, “You have to be amazing in a live setting”. To help support independent musicians and to raise money to continue to fund the show, Sharrow and McGovern produce DVD’s for each band from the live concert footage aired on PBS. The DVD’s include bonus footage and extras. “Most importantly,” says Sharrow, “we share the profits with the bands. So by purchasing a DVD, you are essentially helping to support independent music in America. The bands need and use this money to help cover the cost of touring, recording, and other band related expenses.”