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At the Cheese & Grain Hall, Frome, Somerset, England November 13th 2009

About six months ago, I began to have far too much spare time on my hands due to a lack of work. This gave me the chance to finally take a proper look at the My Space networking site, which I had previously shied away from for various reasons, mostly time and network connection related. My original intention was to write and rave about all the aspects of Rock music, which had been irking me for some time. I may still get to this, watch out!

After a very short search of the music and artists in My Space, my enthusiasm for the genre went through the roof with the sudden discovery of so many inspirational and truly brilliant bands and artists getting themselves known though the site, and other networking sites. This halted my plan of being a ‘Rock Pig’, instead I decided that I would use my page as a platform from which I could be positive and help to support and promote some of the bands who had been honouring me with their friendship. After reading a blog relating the loss of a brother through throat cancer, on the part of the year where I am most susceptible to this due the loss of my own Father to colonic cancer several years ago. At that time I had also had several ‘spacemates’ enquire as to whether I was able to assist them in setting up tour dates or recommend promoters etc who could. I was just an out of work Construction Site Engineer with too much time to kill, what do I know about staging a gig? I knew that I was touched by this and took it as a compliment. This led to waking after a heavy session the night before, in the middle of a dream involving myself having put on a Rock gig for all of my great new band mates. My instant thought was, hell yeah, go for it! I have been banging away at this since January this year. I have now had the confirmation for the booking of the Cheese and Grain Hall in Frome, Somerset in the UK, for the gigs, we are going to run the first event on Friday the 13th of November this year and test the water, once up and running it should I hope lead to more gigs. I have nearly a dozen quality Rock bands offering to play at the event. If all goes well I hope this to become a series of gigs, all for Cancer Research UK who Rock Out is presently registered with, registration Number 400268521.

The Cheese and Grain

The venue is as mentioned, the Cheese and Grain Hall in Frome, Somerset. This is a great venue in an old building, which is part of Frome’s heart (

The first Rock Out gig has Janey Summer at the top of the bill. Janey’s commitment to her music along with her friendship and her own commitments to Cancer Research plus a desire to play at the Cheese and Grain, all helped inspire Rock Out tremendously. Another brilliant band who have inspired me with their friendship and support are The Buffalo Kings from Swansea in South Wales, UK. They are to play also. Le Cul from Denmark have overwhelmed me with their support, friendship and enthusiasm to come all the way over to the South West of England and Rock Out for me. They are to go on first and set it all off in style.

Rock Out has all these great bands offering to play and so far one night on offer to test the water and see how it goes. I am sure that it is going to be great, I do hope that it goes well enough to make future dates a reality.

The bands offering their services on stage are :

The Buffalo Kings ( – I have reviewed The Buffalo Kings as a Nick’s Pick at the Rock and Roll Report. They are an inspiring bluesy heavy Rock band from Swansea, South Wales UK and active in the UK ‘Live & Unsigned’ competition, competing in the regional finals on the 26th of April in Bristol.

Janey Summer
Janey Summer

Janey Summer and her great band are another act that I have covered for the Rock and Roll Report and are from the South West of England ( The more I hear of Janey’s voice, the more impressed I get, the more I wish to hear and definitely a voice to die for.

Anubis ( are from Wolverhampton, Midlands UK. I have not covered them as yet, they are part of my back log of reviews. They have a very accomplished sound which is unmistakeably Anubian. It is traditional melodic hard Rock music using some beautiful female vocals. Simon Lees(the Pharaoh) is on guitar, he used to play for Budgie, who were a highly acclaimed and influential Rock act(they certainly helped to influence my taste).

Another previous Nick’s Pick at the Rock and Roll Report are Le Cul ( As mentioned earlier are more than happy to travel and play in the UK at the Rock Out gig.

Also I AM BODHi are currently a review in progress ( This act is a great young British Rock band from Swindon in the South West, UK.

Beyond Redemption are another band I am currently in the process pf reviewing ( and are a great new fusion Metal from Kidderminster in the Midlands UK. These guys are already involved in raising funds. They are staging a charity gig at The Sutton Arms in Kidderminster, Midlands, UK on May 9th to help refurbish Millbrook House, a local cancer center.

The Blue Embers
The Blue Embers

Blue Embers from France are yet another band awaiting review ( are a great young Rock’n’Roll act who have offered to come and play. They are a great rock, classic rock and blues band, who have offered to travel for the gig bringing their own wonderful style of ‘Rock’n’Roll résistance’.

Mirtazapine Dreams ( are another brilliant alternative rock band from Birmingham and Stafford in the Midlands UK who wish to come and play. Again their review is pending so I had better get slaving over a hot keyboard. They are currently in need of a bass player, so if you can help please contact them.

The most recent offer has come from a metal act named Terrorform from Birmingham, Midlands, UK ( They are a riotous metal band whose drummer is to take part in a sponsored bicycle ride from London to Paris in September and raise funds to help the organization called ‘Beating Bowel Cancer’, registered UK charity. He hopes to raise £3600 and so far has almost
£2500 so is doing very well, but could use more help. is the place to go to if you can help here.

From London, Morning Lane have offered to head west and rock for the cause ( They are a well established indie/rock/pop outfit who have a tight and professional sound about them.

The Fores from Leicester, Midlands, UK are also keen to play ( They have a great rock/indie style played with a true rock’n’roll feeling.

The next two bands who have expressed an interest are Gripshift from Bristol ( A great local Rock/Metal/Alternative outfit with a superb sound fronted by Luci who tops the Gripshifts creativity with amazing female vocals.

Finally for now the Bad Detectives from Frome itself ( have responded to my enquiries looking for very local acts. They have been gigging around the Frome area playing pubs, clubs and parties for a couple of decades evolving into their current rockabilly/garage/country theme. A great bunch who keep going for the love and enjoyment of playing their music.

The Rock Out project ( now has a bank account in the name of ‘Rock Out’ and also a Paypal account in the same name. If you are able to give a little (or a lot!) to this cause then please do, The sooner it comes in, then the sooner then the more I am able to make the bookings and hire necessary to stage this and make it ROCK while helping in a cause which affects so many people. The achievements of Cancer Research UK will obviously help all sufferers wordwide.

I have so many people to thank for their help and inspiration, Sharon Millar, Janey Summer and Mark Boudreau are the top three in no particular order, huge thanks here and to countless others not forgetting the Cheese and Grain Hall itself. Michelle, operations director of The Dorsey Touch also deserves thanks, along with Ed Dorsey, Church of Black Book Entertainment Group. For the flyer/bulletin/poster design I have to thank the young and enterprising Lewis Paulin for his great work in putting the design together and also Leann Wilson for her support and allowing me to use a photo of hers as background image. Finally I thank Cancer Research UK for their help and support especially Alexis Woodward the regional co-ordinator here in the South West of England. Most of all I thank my wife Karen for her support, patience and understanding while I have been putting Rock Out together. And of course, my Mum! (No, seriously!)

Rock Out will, I hope, grow into series of gigs for the cause and be a good event to showcase and help promote a lot of independent and unsigned bands whilst also providing a (hopefully plural) great night out for many rock fans.

Intense Nick thanks all.


  1. woooohooooo you’ll ACE it sunshine……

    This is one Rock Out that will be talked about for years to come ;o)..

    In the mean time it will grow….and will become something to help people FIGHT the Fight…..

    We all thank you for what your doing ……

    Rock “n” Roll…..


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