Playlist for Drastic Plastic Radio Show, September 5, 2005

Here is the playlist for my gig filling in on the Drastic Plastic Radio Show on CKUT FM on September 5, 2005. You can always listen to an archive broadcast of the show on the CKUT site if you want to hear some great music interupted by the odd fumbling time check and announcements.

  1. "Do You Remember Rock and Roll Radio?" – The Ramones – End of the Century
  2. "Sick Times" – The Dials – The Dials
  3. "Don’t Quit Your Day Job – Carrerra – 6
  4. "Napalm Heart" – The Sweetbacks – S/T
  5. "Jump Back Jack" – The A-Sides – Hello, Hello
  6. "Underpants" – Cobra Verde – Copycat Killers
  7. "Robinson Crusoe" – The Redwalls – Denova
  8. "Gimme That Shot" – The Charms – Pussycat
  9. "She’s So Up" – Bang Sugar Bang – Greatest Hits
  10. "Smart" – The Contrast – Fade Back In
  11. "Little Deedra" – The Lolas – Something You Oughta Know
  12. "Astral Man" – The Gripweeds – Giant on the Beach
  13. "Welcome to this World" – The Flying Machine – S/T
  14. "Do You Love Someone?" – The Lackloves – The Beat and the Time
  15. "Revelation of Love" – The Blue Van – The Art of Rolling
  16. "Electricity" – Heap – On the Cheap
  17. "Do the Uganda" – The Controllers – Godfathers of LA Punk: A Siamese Dogs Records Anthology
  18. "Let’s Go" – Dum Dog Run – Substitution Mass Confusion: A Tribute to the Cars
  19. "Bonhomie" – The Telepathic Butterflies – Songs From a Second Wave

To me, if I could start a radio statio, this would be the basis to what I would do. The emphasis would be on new, indie rock and roll from around the world with a smattering of lost rock and roll classics and not so classics. You can still throw in the big boys from today and yesterday but instead of playing, let’s say "You Can’t Always Get What You Want" by the Stones you would play "Connection" or "Jiving Sister Fanny." Leave the time-worn classics to classic rock stations and concentrate on the less played stuff by these legends. Throw in some radical/progressive news and public affairs programming and whammo, cool radio for the podcasting generation. Ah, it is to dream!
Let me know what you thought of the show. A big thank you to Doug Ford, the regular host of Drastic Plastic for letting me play in his sonic playground. Thanks Doug!


  1. Great rock’n fun Mark! Let’s get you back soon.

    The Drastic Plastic Show
    CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal
    Mon: 10Pm-11Pm

  2. Ahh The Ramones…how I love that song!How I love that band actually. I’ll have to give the show a listen sometime!It sounds ace.

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