Preview of Mark Huff’s New Album To Be Released Soon

Singer-songwriter Mark Huff began creating music back in 1989. And for the next 20 years, Huff has continuously added to his musical library. Huff would release his first studio album of music from his new home of Nashville in 2005. That album, entitled Gravity, helped push him in the right direction. And since the time of that release, Huff has put out an entire collection of albums, the latest of which was 2018’s Stars for Eyes.

Having just released the Stars for Eyes release about sixteen months ago, Mark Huff is busy currently working on the next album. The difference between this upcoming album and the last two releases that Huff put out is that Huff plans on staying more in the groove of an electrified sound as opposed to the ever-changing approach that came with those releases. And while that album is still in the middle of the creative process, Huff has released two tracks as a way of promoting that new release. Those two tracks are available on the “Made By Hand” single.

The first of the two newest tracks from Mark Huff is the single itself called “Made by Hand”. “Made by Hand” is a slow-paced track with a strong Rock and Roll vibe that features the electric guitar. For the music, the electric guitar is the prominent instrument on the track. However, the keyboard also adds a lot of texture to the track. The music of the track itself, as well as the playing of the guitar on the track, bring to mind the style of Tom Petty. In fact, when listening to the track, you can almost hear Huff channeling Petty in his vocals in the song.

The second track on the new single from Mark Huff is the track called “Break Through”. This track picks up the energy level of the music. This track features a much stronger guitar approach. What results is a song that will easily remind the listener of something from John Mellencamp. With that style, the track would fit onto any Classic Rock stations as “Break Through” feels like it would have belonged on radio back in the eighties. While the track features a large amount of influence from the likes of John Mellencamp, there are a few more influences in the music. The keyboards on the track feature a sound that would also have felt right at home having been part of the music of The Cars. The combination of the Mellencamp influence as well as the influence from The Cars puts the track squarely in the middle of the eighties.

With his last album entitled Stars for Eyes Mark Huff created tracks that took inspiration from many different musical influences. And while the new album from Mark Huff is not yet available, the two tracks used to help promote Huff’s upcoming release show a side of Huff that finds him drawing more from his Rock and Roll influences more than on his last release. The tracks of “Made by Hand” and “Break Through” from that upcoming release give the listener a good indication of what is in store for fans of the Nashville-based singer-songwriter.

To discover the new music from Mark Huff off of his soon-to-be-released album, check out the music below: