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Pull up a chair, relax and read a comic book

I am not a huge comic book fan but I think that might change after visiting Flying Colors Comics & Other Cool Stuff. Holy cow is this a cool site. Their goal as stated on their website is “to have a comic book store that’s fun for the whole family, with excellent customer service and an environment that is friendly, convenient, clean and fair.” Now I don’t know about their store in Concord, California (although it looks like it is an amazing shopping experience) but their website is a blast. On top of that, their music section is really cool featuring an original take on the Audities 2003 poll! The site has all kinds of article, links and an art gallery so even if you are not interested in buying any comics at their retail store you will be plenty entertained. As a matter of fact, because the site is so cool you might actually end up buying one of those cool T-Shirts that they sell online. I like it!