Rock Biz

Punk Rock Business School

Just recently a new book was released entitled Punk Rock Aerobics which applied the Punk esthetic to exercise but that’s chump change. If you really want to make it big in this world (as all you fans of The Apprentice are aware) business is where it’s at and if you want to be successful you have to take tips from those in the know. Well if you are a rock and roll fan, perhaps “The Donald” isn’t quite the right guy to serve as your mentor; you need somebody a bit edgier. How about Malcolm McLaren? The man who turned a bunch of scruffy punks into a, well bunch of scruffy punks with guitars called The Sex Pistols is selling his marketing expertise to the business world. I sometimes think that these rock and roll revolutions weren’t necessarily revolutions as much as new marketing campaigns for the youth of the day. Ahh, I prefer to stay naïve. Long live the rock and roll revolution man!