Punk-Rockers ‘Limozine’ Compare Recording to Murder, Survive the Unbearable U.K. Smoking Ban and Get Set to Release Their Second Album; ‘Evil Love’

l_abcf247dc0e845a18ed540b163c368d0One would think that recording studios would be more likely breeding grounds for competition rather than collaboration. However, when it comes to West London’s Limozine, it all started in Coventry at the Cabin Recording Studios where Dean (Vocals) and Johnny Zero (Guitar) met through a mutual friend.

It is also not often true that drinking brings about brilliant ideas, but Limozine, once again, makes the exception. After some late night drinking Dean and Johnny  discovered their shared passion and respect for acts like The Cramps, ACDC, The Stooges and The Ramones. Using their idols for inspiration they began Limozine in the effort to bring about their own version of a punk rock album.

Writing their 11-track debut, Car Crash Casino, in 2005 and recording and mixing the album in eight days, it wasn’t until 2007 that they saw it’s official release. A year later, Johnny’s close friends, Tim (Drums) and Karl (Bass), saw Limozine live and were so gripped by the project they couldn’t help getting in on the action. And so, the two-piece doubled and today’s Limozine was born.

The band is currently gearing up to release their follow-up, Evil Love, in early 2010 and in light of the Nov. 16th release of the first single off the upcoming album, entitled El Presidente, The Rock and Roll Report caught up with straight-shooting, and very amusing, frontman Dean for a quick chat.

1. How did you all first meet?
I met Johnny Zero in a recording studio, Tim in an off license and Karl at a party. We all love the Cramps, ACDC and the D4.

2. Is there a particular story behind “Limozine”?
We wanted a name that was Punk and Rock n Roll and Trashy.

3. When you’re writing music, is there a process?
Me and John wrote the first album, but now we’re writing more as a band.

4. The lyrics have been described as “Quite possibly insane,” would you say that’s accurate?
The lyrics have a dark humor inspired by reality, but exaggerated to the extreme. [They] deal with excess, revenge, obsession and twisted infatuation.

5. Are you pleased with that description?
Yes Doctor.

6. You’ve released one album and are now working on the second; has the song-writing been different / easier?
It’s a bit like murder: the first two are easy.

7l_a9ce50cb372540c88f35b3be5b5c14d4. Working on the new album, what’s been the best/ worst moment so far?
Best moment [has been] being in the recording studio. Worst moment [has been] the smoking ban.

8. How would you describe your sound in 1 word?

9. If you could collaborate with any artist you wish, who would you pick?
Poison Ivy: Guitarist from The Cramps.

10. What’s been the best gig so far?
Limozine run a monthly club in Hammersmith called Rockin Bones. The September gig was packed. Great gig.

11. The standout moment as “Limozine” so far?
We got a review of the new single that said, “Sounds like John Lydon singing for Roxy Music.”

12. Bonus Question: If you had to listen to one album for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Dead Kennedys: Fresh Fruit From Rotting Vegetables

New single, El Presidente, will be released Nov. 16th and available on iTunes.
First album, Car Crash Casino, available on iTunes.
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