1. A great show. Period.

    Love the background Randy gives to a lot of the songs and his own stories and insights are just the icing on a near perfect cake.

  2. Thank you,thank you ,thank you!!! What a great “ride” every Sat pm. I grew up & lived in & around Berkeley, Oakland , Seattle & the City from 1964 to 1971 Thanx for the memories. I have a couple of questions . What happens when your ten weeks are up? Are you going to continue w/ your programs(I hope so!!) & I missed your first couple of shows in the beginning when I was radio surfing.Do you have any copies of your programs for sale? Once again THANK YOU for a great “ride”.

  3. Hi Randy: Well you are doing justice for CBC let me tell you that. Three bands / groups that are as far as I am concerned is the heart and sole of (GREAT ) music. BTO , The Guess Who and Meat Loaf . Tell me what else is their to great music. You guys rock .

    Randy you Rock … there is something about your voice that bring calm … God bless you.

    Take Care

    Wayne Coady … I am 58 years young thanks to you guys . I hope to see you back in Halifax Nova Scotia, either as a BTO or a WHO , bring it on Randy .

  4. Dear Randy,
    I listen to vinyl tap every week. I enjoy listening to the other artists that do your music. Speaking of vinyl, my dad has a vinyl collection over many years. Unfortunately,he passed away 3.5 years ago and I was wondering since you are originally from Winnipeg and you and Burton will be playing at the MTS Centre on June 17th of this year if you or if you would know anybody that would be interested in my vinyl collection. It is mostly older music that is really hard to find. If you could reply back as soon as possible it would be appreciated. Thank you for your time.
    Yours sincerely,
    Patrick Rodzinski
    Winnipeg, Manitoba

  5. Hello everyone, I just happened across your comments about the show, thanks you so much for listening.

    You can send questions about the show to me at the show email address, stuff@randysvinyltap.com and I will do my best to answer every letter.

    We really appreciate all you fans, thanks so much for supporting our efforts to bring you interesting and entertaining radio.

    Denise McCann Bachman

  6. RANDY:really like your shows’educational as well as entertaing. QUESTION:years ago i heard a vocal version of WALK DON’T run.haven’t ever found out who did it. it was a male vocalist,any idea who it migt be. i was in calif. at the time, early 60s.THANKS in advance. DAN

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