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Record Review: “Fall in Love All Over Again” – Col. Knowledge & the Lickity Splits (Alive Records)

Col_knowledgeNo matter whether you feel that the sixties were the golden age of rock and roll or an era where drugs completely sucked the creativity out of a lot of great artists, there is no denying that the era produced some great music and even greater sounding band names. The Strawberry Alarm Clock. The Chocolate Watchband. The Electric Mushroom Acid Experiment (ok I made that one up). It was all a lot of fun and hell, isn’t that what rock and roll is supposed to be about? Well fun is something that Col. Knowledge and the Lickity Splits have infused into both their cool name and their great Sixties-inspired debut record on the Alive label “Fall in Love All Over Again.” High energy rock and roll infused with roiling Farfisa organs, odd brass accents and a sound described as “if the Young Rascals were actually speed freaks and banged on their instruments a little harder and broke some strings” “Fall in Love” is a blast to listen to from beginning to end. The band, from Athens, Georgia have managed to produce some really great soulful garagey pop with some wonderful falsetto harmonies thrown in for good measure that makes for a perfect record to throw on the CD player to get people up and bopping around on the dance floor. Have a listen to Someday There Will Come A Time and Sleep Through the Day for an idea of what you’re in for then go buy the record. And if you happen to be in the area of Athens, Georgia tonight (May 6th, 2005), head over to the Caledonia Lounge at 10:00 PM for their official CD release party. All in all a really fun listen and highly recommended. It’s nice to see the Bomp! empire thriving with a batch of great releases recently. Greg Shaw would have been proud.