Record review: 1986 – “Nihilism is Nothing to Worry About” (Palentine Records)

1986 have been compared to everybody from The Replacements, J. Mascis and the early Foo Fighters and I can see it but really 1986, on their record “Nihilism is Nothng to Worry About” give indie rock a good name.

I have always had a problem with that term and that’s coming from a guy who is a massive supporter of indie record labels but mainly for the fact that they are run by passionate music fans instead of accountants and lawyers. An album should be able to rock regardless of its means of distribution and Nihilism certainly rocks, especially “I know” which I took an instant liking to, so much so that I played it on my recent stint as a fill-in on CKUT FM. The combination of rusty and ragged chops combined with hummable hooks (no crime in my book) make songs like “Better When You’re Stoned”, “Mechanical Dreams” and lead off track “Laughing” a joy to crank out loud. As impressive as all that is it blew me away to learn that they cover the classic 13th Floor Elevators track “You’re Going to Miss Me” which brought tears to the eyes of no less than 13th Floor frontman Roky Ericson who happened to catch them live recently in Austin and subsequently named 1986 one of his favourite Austin bands.

A product of the fertile musical minds of Giorgio Angelini, Cully Symington and Drew Pennebaker, Nihilism is Nothing to Worry About is a great rockin’ record that maintains its “indie” cred without getting in the way of being classic rock and roll. A great listen and a fine addition to the Rock and Roll Report’s virtual Rockola jukebox. Great stuff all around. Smoke ‘em if you got ‘em.