Record Review: Dead City Riots – Always is Never The Same (Casket Music Copro Records)

Dead20city20riots I hate to use the term “modern rock” when describing a band because it makes everything else that you don’t refer to as “modern” to be hopelessly retro but Glasgow, Scotland’s Dead City Riots are modern rock and roll personified. Often reminding me of Pearl Jam with more consistent hooks, “Always is Never the Same” is an amazing rock and roll journey that absolutely rocks with razor sharp guitars, great hooks and amazing songwriting. Have a listen to “Bridge Jumping”, “Where’s my Pill?” and especially the fantastic “Kill the Summer.” And when you think it is all full bore rock and roll they hit you with “A Better High” a gorgeous ballad about seperation.

A highly recommended CD and a great listen at full voilume. Check out their MySpace page and have a listen.