Record Review: Electric Satisfaction by Crash Kelly (Liquor & Poker Music 2006)

Crashkellyelectriccd05 They sing songs about 2 year runarounds, girls gone bad from hanging around rock bands, listening to blaring rock & roll in black light illuminated basements as well as covering the proto-glam bubblegum schlock of Sweeney Todd’s “Roxy Roller.” Their album was produced by Gilby Clarke. In sum they are perfectly rock and roll.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, Crash Kelly have managed to churn out an album of rock and roll I remembered listening to in high school, that timeless combination of guitar-infused sleaze sung with just the right amount of swagger to piss off your parents. I’ve already played “She Put the Shock (In My Rock n Roll)” on Rock and Roll Report Radio to great effect and I absolutely love “You’re a Drag When You’re High” with great lines like:

“You’re a drag when you’re stoned and you nod off in mid-sentence. And your lights are growing dim, and you sink ‘cause it’s too hard to swim.”

“Electric Satisfaction” is an apt named title for this record because that is exactly what it gives you. More cool rock and roll from Canada. Get it now.